The Real Rock Stars

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Maybe its none of my BISMUTH, but I think its BASIC, we in the modern world take MINERALS and the ELEMENTS they contain for GRANITE, which I don’t think is very GNEISS. If you think that MINERALS are a BOR, AX yourself if you could survive without them.  Although its not your FAULT, every guy or GAL EN A typical classroom has been LEAD by modern society into a life dependent on technology, all of which couldn’t exist without using MINERALS. However, the things that we know about how we use MINERALS and ELEMENTS AR GON and because of this we SULPHUR. Of QUARTZ its TUFF but I will do AS BEST OS I can to show why I like ELEMENTS AND MINERALS so much.  I have such a great APATITE for learning about them my SULF, I’DE say they really ROCK! Its ELEMENTary, when you see how beautiful minerals are and AD IT  to how much we depend on them, you will METAMORPHOSE into a MINERAL fanatic like me. If you FLUO RITE into the study of MINERALS, UL EXCITE your senses, I AZURE ITE! Before I get any BOULDER, AL BITE my TUNGSTEN, ORE I BRECCIA I’ll start to sound a little WACKE as I RON on without letting your thoughts CRYSTALIZE. So check out these MINERAL photos if you WILLE. MITE I get a little BOULDER and ask you to read about them and your APATITE for learning about  them will be as great as MINE. MINERALS ROCK!  FAC ET, they are the original ROCK STARS!


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